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Ali and Joss have found a refuge behind the walls of Dreamland, but soon learn that safety is only an illusion. Nowhere is safe, and Dreamland is the worst place they could be for the precious secret they're trying to protect.

The fifth installment of The Phoenix Curse is now available on Amazon.

"I would definitely recommend this book to all end of days zombie fans. Not stop edge of the seat reading." 

~ Joanne Matarazzo

"After–Part One is an incredibly well-written story of the world after an unknown (yet) event caused humans to lose their mind and act zombie-like. The "monsters" aren't undead; they're just people who are infected with a disease and just happen to feel the need to eat humans. Ali is an impressive heroine with a special trait: she was bitten by one of the monsters but did not turn into one herself, like everyone else did. Because of that, she is able to survive on her own, in ways that the few remaining uninfected humans cannot." ~ J. Jenkins

"I'm a zombie buff and enjoy new and refreshing stories that inject a whole new take on the genre. D.R. Johnson does exactly that with After: Part One. Well written, concise, the characters quickly draw my interest... and I have always enjoyed a strong female lead."

"This is not your usual blood and gore zombie novel and I thought it was very well written and it kept me interested all through it. You learn a lot of the background of the main two characters and you get to know them without getting bored with them. I can't wait for the third book to come out and I just re-read the first two again. I meant to leave a review when I finished this the first time but forgot to. You have to read these books even if you are not a fan of zombie books...they are that good...because of the people the author has created."

"With zombies being all the rage, these types of novels have been popping up all over the place. D.R. Johnson has done a great job in putting a new twist on the genre. Characters are well written and endearing, and I am rooting for Ali and Joss."

"Getting started with this wonderfully written story was so easy.... turn to page 1. The rest was so intriguing, eventful, exciting and heartfelt that I couldn't stop. Ali is a stunning character with the heart of a lion. Joss is brave and a strong young man and my heart felt his losses and his gains. Overall this story is superbly written, great acts of courage and action. Wonderful characters and a great and much needed twist to the apocalyptic genre. A must read."

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